We will learn appropriate usage of these words. We will also do role plays and learn to make full and appropriate use of real life situations that we confront on daily basis. This class is a real confidence booster as it will make the students more comfortable with the usage of English.
At The Tutor Path, students will develop the skills for academic performance and confidence & interactive skills - in general. We can help you improve your subject knowledge, reading skills, problem-solving abilities and confidence level high.
Call center training can take many formats and is relevant to the specific types of customers and call types to be handled by the agents.
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The importance of speaking clearly in English, is a vital step in ensuring your voice is heard and that colleagues...
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thetutorpath.com provides learning-driven, assessment-based instruction to ensure that all students...
Digitalised ICSE study materials for all the subjects are available at online thetutorpath.com.These are series of lesson modules...